The Magic of a Sketchbook


I know that I cannot be the only one to longingly run my fingers down the spines of sketchbooks lining the store shelves, taking in all the sizes, textures and tones. They hold so much promise, their blank pages begging to be filled with ideas from the mind. So pretty with their binding, pages crisp and fresh when you flip one open. One catches my eye, a gorgeous ocean-coloured leather-look cover, with a silky ribbon to keep your place. Large enough to truly explore, but small enough to fit conveniently into almost any bag. The light tooth of the paper wants ink, I can hear it asking for it. It whispers to me, so I take it home.

And then put that little beauty alongside the rest of my collection of nearly empty sketchbooks.

Guys, I have a problem. I can’t be the only artist that cannot resist a new sketchbook, despite the pile of almost new, basically empty sketchbooks. They’re an addiction!

– Dani

September 3rd, 2015

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