“Aphrodite’s Promise”

Roses have always been a prominent symbol in society, this stems from early history.
Aphrodite and Adonis, young lovers in time. Fate spoke, and Adonis’s life was close to ending due to a fatal attack by a wild boar. As Aphrodite ran to him, she was pricked by thorns and her blood falling bloomed into beautiful red roses. Zeus’s heart was moved by the tragedy, and allowed Adonis and Aphrodite to be united for several months of each following year in the world of the living.

The beauty of the rose is associated with love and passion, however also has an underlying tone of death and darkness.
The Hummingbird is a bird of lightness, a bright pure spirit that is a symbol of energy and life. Their ruby-toned throats reflect the sun in a dazzling way, bringing light to the darkness.

“Aphrodite’s Promise” measures 20″x20″ and was created with acrylic paint on canvas. I utilized a variety of techniques such as use of a palette knife to create texture to fine brush detailing to create a dramatic and interesting piece.

20″x20″, acrylics on canvas



Underpainting of “Aphrodite’s Promise”


Check out my timelapse video and watch this piece come to life!

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