Custom Pet Portrait Commissions

Announcement: Please be aware that commissions are currently closed, I will not be taking any custom work for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience. – Danielle 


Below is the information regarding “Portrait-style” commissions.
This information can also apply to paintings that do not fall into the portrait-style, but will require a personalized quote.
This information is to give future clients an idea of the costs of their desired painting before a quote has been given.

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For each portrait commission there are a series of options that the client has to choose from in order to form their unique piece of artwork. Below is a list of the options, with descriptions and examples following.

  • Portrait / Full body
  • Background
  • Size
  • Number of Subjects

Composition – Bust or Full Body

Portraits can be done in one of the two compositions: bust or full body.
Both are suitable to having detailed backgrounds, although typically busts will be able to be more detailed in comparison to full body paintings.



Full Body

full boy

Background Options

A  |  Solid or mottled background
B  |  Blurred background scene
C  |  Detailed background scene


 Option A –  Solid or mottled background

solid mottled

Option B  –  Blurred background scene



Option  C  –  Detailed background scene


Common Sizes

8″ x 10″
10″ x 10″
11″ x 14″
12″ x 16″
16″ x 20″
18″ x 24″
24″ x 30″
36″ x 48″

Number of Subjects

The common number for subjects to be contained within the painting is one, although it is possible to include additional subjects. There are two main styles that can be applied to a painting with more than one subject: isolated portraits (works best with critters that are in a range of sizes), and incorporating all of the subjects into the same environment (as if they are sitting or standing next to each other).





Base Prices

The prices listed below are the base prices, which includes the specified composition for a single subject and background option [A] (solid or mottled tone). Additional background styles will result in an adjusted price.

Don’t see a price listed for the size that you would like? Contact me for a personalized price quote.

** Please note that the prices below do not include the cost of materials (canvas, additional paint needed, etc).

8″ x 10″

Portrait – $100+
Full Body – $130+

11″ x 14″

Portrait – $160+
Full Body – $240+

12″ x 16″

Portrait – $190+
Full Body – $280+

16″ x 20″

Portrait – $300+
Full Body – $400+

18″ x 24″

Portrait – $380+
Full Body – $500+

24″ x 30″

Portrait – $460+
Full Body – $640+

36″ x 48″

Portrait – $600+
Full Body – $800+

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