Mind Wide Open – When Tigers Wear Galaxies

Its been far too long since I’ve posted here! I’d love to get in the habit of posting every week at least, let’s see if I can manage!


“Mind Wide Open” by Danielle Trudeau. 16″x20″, acrylics on canvas.

I adore tigers, they’re easily one of my favorite critters to paint. In fact when this piece was still in progress, it was one of three tiger pieces that were in different phases. They’re just so damn pretty.


Awhile back I saw some cool galaxy paintings that someone on Etsy did (I didn’t bookmark the listing and now I can’t find the artist), and was totally inspired to paint some galaxy art of my own! Naturally I have to include a critter in all of my work so I sketched a bit until I came up with this.


Since painting anything space-related is a very new topic for me, it was a trial-and-error process. Definitely. I repainted the area entirely 3 times, and even still I would like to repaint it again! It was a fun thing to paint, but its not without its difficulties. Originally I didn’t want to use the splatter method to create the stars (something about not wanting paint flecks on the walls…), but my attempts ended up looking too…predictable? The stars were not as random and natural looking as I would have liked. So I gave the splatter method a shot and it worked! And I somewhat managed to control it so there was only minor clean up, haha!

Angle view of Mind Wide Open Galaxy Tiger Painting
An angle view of “Mind Wide Open”


I was afraid the orange and blue combination would clash far too much, but I think it actually worked out okay!


This piece is painted with acrylics on a canvas that measures 16″ x 20″ (approximately 3/4″ thick).


This piece is looking for a new home! It is currently for sale in my Etsy shop here!

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