Christmas is a Time for Homemade Presents

I’m not a fan of the evolution of Christmas into this “commercial holiday”, I think the endless purchasing of goods is not in the true spirit of the holiday. Spending time with family and friends is my favorite part, and the mountains of sinfully delightful food are a fantastic additive!

I love receiving handmade gifts, so this leads me to believe that many people also like receiving handmade gifts, therefore I create.

Pine Forest Christmas Baubles. Approximately 4" across, painted with acrylics.

Pine Forest Christmas Baubles. Approximately 4″ across, painted with acrylics.

Pine Forest Christmas Baubles

I made these cute glass baubles with acrylic paint for a family gathering. My aunt was the recipient which was perfect because she decorates her tree each year only with handmade ornaments.

11"x14" Acrylic painting of my sister's Pygmy Fainting Goat, Newton.

11″x14″ Acrylic painting of my sister’s Pygmy Fainting Goat, Newton.

My sister has a strange little Fainting Goat named Newton, so I decided to whip something up for her in a more “pop art” style than my usual, was it ever fun! The background is a textural blue overlaid by metallic gold damask pattern. Then with Newt fighting Newt painted “sticker-style” (as my boyfriend coined the term) to finish it off.

I still have one more painting to complete in this style, but I’m a little torn on the animal. Thinking either a shark or male lion will be perfect for the recipient!

Edit: Managed to complete the last gift!

"Dark Waters" 11"x14", acrylics on wood.

“Dark Waters”
11″x14″, acrylics on wood.

– D

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